How Much Does It Cost To Rewire My House 

Whether you’ve bought a new property or you’re looking to upgrade the wiring in your existing house, this guide shows your rewiring costs to help you plan your budget. 


As with most home improvement projects, there are a number of factors that affect the overall price you’ll pay to rewire your house. The main ones are:

Size and layout of the property

Number of socket outlets 

Number of lights 

The quality of the fixtures of fittings 

Weather the home is occupied (our electricians work a lot faster in empty properties)

Location of the property 


*The below prices are a guide only and a full survey should be carried out for an accurate quote*


Size of property      Un-Occupied       Occupied 

1-bed flat                       £2,999 + VAT                  £3,499 + VAT

2-bed flat                       £3,499 + VAT                  £3,999 + VAT

3-bed flat                       £4,499 + VAT                  £4,999 + VAT

1-bed house                  £3,499 + VAT                  £3,999 + VAT

2-bed house                  £3,999 + VAT                  £4,499 + VAT

3-bed house                  £4,499 + VAT                  £4,999 + VAT

4-bed house                  £4,999 + VAT                  £5,499 + VAT

5-bed house                  £5,499 + VAT                  £5,999 + VAT


For an accurate quote a survey is carried out and the specification is listed. We are able to send you a quote for your home rewire within 24 hours of our visit. The quote will include an accurate timescale and details of any preparation required.